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Workplace injuries can happen anytime, and in any industry. If you’ve been injured on the job, your employer may be responsible for covering your medical costs, recovery time, lost wages and other financial compensation.

Our Law Offices are specialize in workers compensation law and will aggressively seek restitution for your injuries.

Injured workers’ are entitled to workers’ compensation whenever they suffer an injury at work, regardless of who was at fault.

Understanding your rights

Workers that suffer injuries on the job need to understand the next steps to gaining coverage for the unsurmountable medical bills they can expect. If you or a loved one has been hurt on the job, our team can help you decipher your rights.

Workers’ Compensation Versus Third-Party Personal Injury Claims

Injured workers’ are entitled to workers’ compensation whenever they suffer an injury at work, regardless of who was at fault. The injury may be something like shoulder or lower back problems that develop over time, or a spine injury that comes after an on-the-job accident.

If the injury was the result of negligence on the part of a third party, that is a party other than the victim’s employer, the victim may also be able to pursue compensation through a personal injury claim. This is common in construction accidents, as well as on-the-job motor vehicle accidents where a delivery driver was hit by a negligent driver in another vehicle.

We will take care to identify the type or types of claims most appropriate in your case. This is important, because the benefits available through workers’ compensation are limited. On the other hand, more money may be available through a personal injury claim.

Fighting for your rights

David M. Blank is a highly educated attorney who specializes in workers compensation law. Providing you with peace of mind by explaining your rights and educating you on the inter workings between Personal Injury Law and Workers Compensation and with your rights to each recovery when you are hurt at work, be it in Kentucky or Ohio.

What qualifies as a job related injury?

  • Work-related physical injuries
  • Mental distress and psychiatric injury
  • Workplace violence
  • Carpal tunnel and repetitive strain injuries
  • Retaliatory discharge

David M. Blank demands that your employer show accountability and responsibility for their part in your injury.

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