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Were You Hurt In A Fall

Slip and fall accidents can happen at almost anytime, anywhere. If you are injured in a serious injury on someone else’s property, you could have grounds for what is known as a premises liability claim or lawsuit.

Knowing what to do when faced with such a serious legal matter can be confusing. That’s why it’s critical you contact the Law Offices of David M. Blank and discuss your case with an experienced slip and fall accident lawyer serving many different counties in Kentucky & Ohio. That way, we can review your case and provide you with honest, straightforward legal advice. We take your care personally.

Some of the most common slip and fall accidents in Ohio & Kentucky we handle include:

  • Unmarked slippery floors in supermarkets, shopping malls and other businesses
  • Wet tiles near swimming pools
  • Icy sidewalks or snow-covered surfaces in parking lots
  • Wet surfaces at construction sites
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